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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

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Monday, 7 June 2010

ACS:LAW - Humiliated by rejection of the US Copyright Group

An ambitious claim posted on the ACS:LAW website has been retracted and ammended after a confirmation from the Solicitor Group it claimed to have been "Working in cooperation with" was dismissed by the group. 

The "US Copyright Group" AKA "" and also "Dunlap Weaver and Grubb" confirmed they are NOT working with the increasingly isolated Andrew Crossley.

Less than a month after losing his most active Para legal Terence Tsang, who left to join Cramer Pelmont, (leaving off the fact that he had EVER worked for ACS:LAW)  Andrew Crossley is now facing derision and ignomy after claiming to work for people who he is not.  How embarrassing.

This is all of course also on the back of his threat to SUE the people he had falsely accused for comments he considered libellious and defamatory

We call on Andrew Crossley to STOP what he is doing,  It is getting to the point of complete and utter humiliation now.

Below are the original post and the edited post after it became clear that Dunlap Weaver and Grubb had denied Crossleys involement.

[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="The original Post by ACS:LAW 1st June 2010"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_319" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="The edited Post after learning that the Group wants nothing to do with them"][/caption]

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

What do others think of ACS:LAW and their business plan?

Here is a short list of quotes from people regarding ACS:LAW and their "Business practice".  As can be seen from the diverse range of comment ALL critical of ACS:LAW this is in NO WAY "merely targetted by an Internet campaign" as ACS:LAW Chief Honcho Andrew Crossley claimed. 

These quotes are from Lords of the Realm, Industry leaders. the Music Industry, Consumer Watchdogs,  and there is even one from one Of ACS:LAWs own employees taunting a person whose friend had been targetted by one of their "Speculative Invoices"

Please Download the PDF version here acs law - what people think and of course post it around.  It IS the Truth.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

ACS:LAW's Greedy friends have lost their minds!

Hi all I am posting this link but am sure I am the "Last to know this one"

"Hurt Locker producer: criticizing our lawsuits makes you a moron and a thief "

I actually watched Hurt Locker and was soooo dissapointed that I asked for my ticket money back for "failure to provide the services promised" I know I am in a small minority according to IMBD it was a "Good Film" I could not agree less. When I read this post I felt somewhat vindicated and certainly will not be watching anymore of their crap in the future. As far as I was concerned I was swindled out of the money I paid to watch it and was NOT reimbursed as I would have been for any other service or product that had not lived up to my expectations.

Nicolas Chartier was BANNED from the academy awards for lobbying the committee for the "Best Picture" award that is laughingly won. Dont get me wrong I did not think Avatar was as good as it was made out to be either, HOWEVER it was downloaded over 300,000 times and is now the biggest grossing movie of ALL time. Why? I think because people saw it on the small screen thought , "DAMN that will be AMAZING at the cinema", and went and watched it, and told their mates to do it to!  According to the House of Lords Avatar was subject to 300,000 illegal downloads BEFORE the film was released yet now it is the BIGGEST grossing film of all time.  As the Lords said it was "300,000 free adverts"  "See here"

This just bolsters my opinion that these lawyers are simply looking at ways of recouping money through LACK of sales, NOT because they have been downloaded but simply because they are CRAP and substandard. 

Dunlap Weaver and Grubb AKA "US Copyright Group" and also the self-righteous "Save!"  Of course these people have NO interest in actually STOPPING downloading at all, they are "Money Grubbers".  The split is roughly 70% to the Lawyers and 30% to the "Copyright holding company" you can imagine the pittance that the actual "Creative people" get from that.

But I digress, in a sense "Hurt Locker" seems an exception to the usual bunch of crap that is represented.  For Example Uwe Boll is considered the new "Ed Wood" a Director SO inept that most of his films feature at the VERY bottom of ANY thinking person.  Dont believe me? see here. Far Cry German Fried Movie House of the Dead

There are others but you get the point, these are REALLY awful films, the type people would not download if someone paid them!  This is actually a page you can go to to just pay up!!!! This is a TERRIBLE way of doing things, and I call on ALL of you to RESIST these people with EVERY fibre of your being. (Please dont eat or drink anything whilst viewing this page as you may choke on the hubris)

Remember this group is the VERY group that Andrew Crossley of ACS:LAW has been crowing about being in partnership with.

Contact your MP, Contact the Lords, Contact the SRA.  Do something DO NOT ASSUME that someone else is doing it for you!

This is as a wit put it "The movie industry  merely suing those with bad taste" or as the House of Lords put it "Straight forward legal BLACKMAIL"

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

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ACS LAW and the "US Copyright Group"(He met in Cannes)

There is a bad smell that wafted into the lavish offices of ACS:BORE today,(joking, but hey ACS:LAW do that all the time!) as news broke of the impending return of Andrew Crossley from the Cannes Film Festival.  Although of course we have no proof he went, (he has claimed before to be a resident of Monaco!!!)

On his website he claims the following
Our time in Cannes proved productive and exciting for us and our clients.

New business relationships have been developed and established, enabling protection from illegal file-sharing on a global basis. A new joint working relationship with US-based attorneys has opened up the North American region to our clients for identification and pursuit of illegal file sharing of their products. ACS Law Solicitors has been able to forge new alliances with copyright owners, monitoring companies and other lawyers, strengthening our position as the pre-eminent law firm in the UK specializing in this rapidly expanding area of law.

We are also working in cooperation with a newly-formed organisation, the United Copyright Group, that provides an holistic solution to illegal file sharing and provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to deter and prevent illegal file sharing. More will be written about this new phase of tackling illegal file sharing in due course. 

Now of course this based on previous statements needs to be taken with an amount of salt not conducive to the good health of the average human.  However amongst the hyperbole of nonsense one thing seems laughably clear, ACS:LAW have joined forces with the much maligned and mocked US Copyright Group, derided for "copying" ACS:LAWs practice of mass mailing and scaring people into paying up for things they have not done.  Indeed the US Copyright Group or as ACS:LAW messed up ...... again and referred to them as the "United Copyright Group" are none other than "Dunlap Weaver and Grubb"  A group of Solicitors much like Andrew Crossley who rent out offices and try to look BIG.

Now what was that I told you all back BEFORE he went to Cannes? Posted on April 14th Never say they arent Predictable!

Exciting times!!!!!!

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